In reviewing your course reflections, what stands out to you in your learning/growth for a particular unit or the entire course and how does this connect to the PoG Cs?

I did notice improvement in my understanding of a lot of the previous units. Some of the units that I did poorly on the test for, I completely understood come time for the final. Sometimes all it takes is a little change in perspective and some time. This is an example of critical thinking.

  • What aspect of my artifact am I most proud of? Use specific examples.
    • The fact that I understood some things that did not make a lot of sense in the beginning
  • What aspect of creating this artifact was most difficult for me? Use specific examples.
    • trying to figure out what to write and how to explain my thoughts
  • How does this artifact connect to the Profile of a Graduate?  Be specific in your connection (which of the 6 Cs).
    • critical thinking (math)
  • How do I plan to take this learning forward?  Or What would I change (or keep the same) if I created this artifact again?
    • I will be taking calculus in college, and the understandings this class has provided will be very helpful in the end.

Gov and Law

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This is the brief that I and my partner used to help us with our mock Supreme Court project. This was not a very easy thing to do, as it was difficult to find ways to correctly note the information down without plagiarizing the actual briefs from the lawyers in the actual cases, but citing them was easy. This is relevant to the collaboration part of the aspects of a graduate as to do this I needed to work closely with another person in order to get credit and just to get it done. As a citizen, I am mostly satisfied with the Supreme Court system. I believe that there are massive underlying problems with the country in general that affect the Supreme Court, but that they can’t fix, such as the two-party system.


In Precalc, after we have completed a test, we have readings we need to do about what kind of careers involve math. There are a lot of careers that I did not know exist that require the use of advanced math. The two that I found to be the most interesting are computer science and law. I did not think that being a lawyer would involve math at all, other than the college requirements. While this has opened my eyes in terms of available careers, it did not change how I feel about math.