In reviewing your course reflections, what stands out to you in your learning/growth for a particular unit or the entire course and how does this connect to the PoG Cs?

I did notice improvement in my understanding of a lot of the previous units. Some of the units that I did poorly on the test for, I completely understood come time for the final. Sometimes all it takes is a little change in perspective and some time. This is an example of critical thinking.

  • What aspect of my artifact am I most proud of? Use specific examples.
    • The fact that I understood some things that did not make a lot of sense in the beginning
  • What aspect of creating this artifact was most difficult for me? Use specific examples.
    • trying to figure out what to write and how to explain my thoughts
  • How does this artifact connect to the Profile of a Graduate?  Be specific in your connection (which of the 6 Cs).
    • critical thinking (math)
  • How do I plan to take this learning forward?  Or What would I change (or keep the same) if I created this artifact again?
    • I will be taking calculus in college, and the understandings this class has provided will be very helpful in the end.

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