Weight Training 2

I want to be fit and healthy because it makes me feel better. I have wanted to lose a little bit of weight for a little bit now, and this class has helped me do that. At one point I was regularly working out, but stopped. I enjoyed it, but didn’t have time, and after stopping did not have the will to get back into it. 


This class has helped me get back into working out. I have achieved a level of strength that I did not think I was capable of, increasing my previous max by well over 100 pounds. I am going to be continuing the grind, going after school on tuesdays and thursdays and hopefully being able to wake up to go on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. 


My original goals for this mostly involved just getting it done, as it takes a bit of time for me to actually start enjoying it. My goals, once I made some real ones, were to squat twice my body weight and bench my body weight. I am close to benching my body weight, but I can squat twice my body weight now. My maxes at the beginning were 245 for squat and 115 for bench, and at the end it was 365 for squat and 135 for bench.


I am going to continue working out and eating somewhat better than I did. My diet since I’ve started has been a lot better, and has involved a lot more protein than I had before. I would argue that this is more relevant to the character C, as it was an improvement in my work ethic and helped me learn to force myself to do something I didn’t necessarily want to do.