Viva la Revolution down with the regime

Cloths cool time

Click that link, it is important.

1:I would have preferred to do the same thing, just as i would have preferred to not do this.

2: It is kind of odd, but nothing I can’t deal with

3: Yep, I know that I am bad at spelling in English, let alone a foreign language

4: Matching the ends are annoying, but is not something to be up in arms about.

5: Yes I understand the concept of this, that, and over there

6: It is cool

7: They were very painful to do, but it’s alright.

8: sometimes.

9: Nope, doing simple math is not my strongest suit.

10: I like shopping quickly and efficiently.

11: Immediately translate, why do more than what is necessary.

I am sorry if this is not to your liking, but I am not doing anymore.

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