Post for Pre-Calc

1: In reviewing your course reflections, what stands out to you in your learning/growth for a particular unit or the entire course and how does this connect to the PoG Cs?

— If you asked me how I would respond to this question at the beginning of the course. I would have said something like “I put in as much effort as I could”, or “it was hard but ultimately worth it”. Now after taking the course I agree that it was hard, but worth it, though I definitely did not put in as much effort as I could. Did I still get something out of this class. Yeah I did get something out of my time in this class. I am definitely better at math itself, but not only that I realize that if I want to get anywhere I need to try harder.

John Austionson best senator 2020, Alright alright Alright.

I went and did it, me and the boiz went to the mall. we did weird things, then we recorded it, I edited it, uploaded it, Trevor got mad, then I presented it. I felt the most success with editing the video. It was most difficult to be weird in public. this connects to character because it requires character to do weird things.

Viva la Revolution down with the regime

Cloths cool time

Click that link, it is important.

1:I would have preferred to do the same thing, just as i would have preferred to not do this.

2: It is kind of odd, but nothing I can’t deal with

3: Yep, I know that I am bad at spelling in English, let alone a foreign language

4: Matching the ends are annoying, but is not something to be up in arms about.

5: Yes I understand the concept of this, that, and over there

6: It is cool

7: They were very painful to do, but it’s alright.

8: sometimes.

9: Nope, doing simple math is not my strongest suit.

10: I like shopping quickly and efficiently.

11: Immediately translate, why do more than what is necessary.

I am sorry if this is not to your liking, but I am not doing anymore.