Year in Review

Your “Year in Review” page is where you should reflect on the past year and show how you have evolved as a person and/or student.  You could either summarize your year in review directly on this page OR you could write a new Year in Review Post and link it to this page.

Below are some considerations.

Here are some ways you might think about your “Year in Review” page:

  • A yearly summary of your growth throughout the year (personal, academic, PoG competencies, maturity, etc)
  • A place to reflect upon your academic and personal experiences
  • A place to reflect upon your short and long term goals and considerations for next year’s goals and action steps.
  • A place to reflect upon previous years and see how you have changed and grown

What should be included:

  • An update on any major projects, events, experience how they have shaped your interests and future goals
  • The development and/or attainment of your Profile of a Graduate C’s.  Be sure to link to posts/artifacts that demonstrate your development.
  • Any transformational experiences, whether positive or negative and the impact they have had on you

Questions to help you begin writing your “Year in Review” page:

  • Who were you at the beginning of this year and who are you now?  Look at your level of maturity and how you have evolved and matured.
  • Did you meet your goals for the year? What helped you be successful?  If not, what are some action steps you can do next year to ensure success?
  • What was your best/favorite learning experience this year? What made it your best?
  • How have new or unexpected experiences affected you, your beliefs, and your plans?
  • Did anything exciting or wonderful happen? Were you surprised?​
  • Did you experience a setback or a disappointment? Were you able to grow and learn from that experience? How so?