Post for Pre-Calc

1: In reviewing your course reflections, what stands out to you in your learning/growth for a particular unit or the entire course and how does this connect to the PoG Cs?

— If you asked me how I would respond to this question at the beginning of the course. I would have said something like “I put in as much effort as I could”, or “it was hard but ultimately worth it”. Now after taking the course I agree that it was hard, but worth it, though I definitely did not put in as much effort as I could. Did I still get something out of this class. Yeah I did get something out of my time in this class. I am definitely better at math itself, but not only that I realize that if I want to get anywhere I need to try harder.

WoW SuPeR CoOl PoSt FoR mY sUpEr HeLpFuL B-pOrTfOiLiOiO

A: I felt on the first day of the subway map unit “wow this is not that difficult.” So when we did the unit I found it super easy. I found the unit fun.

b: I improved my ability to have patience, just like how writing this is another test of my patience. I found my ability to comprehend Spanish to stay similar throughout.

c: I was able to follow the directions faster. This unit would help me read subway maps. If i went to a place with a subway It would be easier to navigate there.