Cool artifact for Pre-Calc

1: The two carriers that sounded the most interesting were, aerospace engineer, and civil engineer. I think that working on something that would be used practically is very interesting. to see things that you have planned, drawn, and worked on to come to fruition is quite interesting. Aerospace deals the airplanes, and spacecraft. Whereas civil engineering is a much broader field.

2: What I learned from the readings on the different mathematical fields were as follows there is more to math than just teaching others math, math is an extremity broad field, and is used in carriers all over even in personal life. There is more to math than teaching others math, while it may seem that way at first there are so many fields that use mathematics. Math is an extremely broad field, math is applied everywhere, without it we wouldn’t have the carriers we do today. Math is used in personal life, it is used for applications such as taxes.

3: The readings didn’t really change my view. I already thought that there was a lot of careers that used math. I also already knew that we would need to use math in our daily life, and that it would come up very often in careers where you may not expect it. That is not to say that it wouldn’t change the view of others, I just already had some background knowledge.

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