Life Plan – Quarterly Reflection 1

This quarter was good. I was lucky enough to only have 1 important class with the rest being relatively easy with no final test of the sort. I found this quarter to be a bit easier, and looking at the next it seems it would also be easy. Overall this quarter was good and that’s okay with me. With it being a bit easier I was able to do more and spend more time doing other things which were nice. I think if I had to connect to one of the 6 C’s I would probably connect to communication. I learned that speaking is very important and that collaborating or working with others requires good communication. Having good communication skills also seems to help make life easier overall. I learned that it’s important to be good at talking. In life, communication is one of the most crucial skills and will play a big role in how others perceive you as a person. Also when it comes to work you’re going to have to talk with others inevitably. So learning how to communicate better with others helps you build character as an individual and helps you overall.

Life Plan – Quarterly Reflection 4

For my last quarterly reflection of the year what I would like to talk about is nothing. There is honestly nothing I would like to share and there isn’t exactly anything fun we’ve done in class to speak truthfully. But overall this year was pretty good. Just plainly good. I feel like this year was pretty fast moving and everything passed by so quickly. But that’s just how it is. This year if I were to connect with one of the 6 C’s I would probably say critical thinking. This year I realized that I need to be more critical with my thinking and because of my lack of critical thinking, I tend to just cruise by on autopilot. This overall is pretty boring and it made me lose track of time. Critical thinking I believe will allow me to be more critical with thinking. This will overall help me become more understanding and help me in school.

Life Plan – Quarterly Reflection 3

For my quarterly reflection (for the 3rd time) I pretty much did nothing. Nothing other than complete my classes and that’s pretty much it. Overall nothing i’m very proud of since there weren’t really any huge building projects or anything. But for the reflecting part ill reflect over spring break. Over spring break i got my hands on this new game called Eldin Rings. I chose the class Hero and began my journey, sadly i got beat right away and lost to the starter boss. After that i met this weird girl in a brown robe and then a guy in a white robe who insulted me for being single. I then spent 4 hours trying to beat the 2nd starter boss and gave up that day. After that the next day i spent an hour grinding got bored and hopped off until 8pm and then got back on and grinded some more. Bunch of other things i beat the game in the end and it was honestly not that hard. I also cultivated some bacteria in biology class. This was pretty fun and cool as we made it immune to anti-biotics and glow in the dark. This project and little experiment helped me learn more about bacteria growth and how dangerous, deadly, absolutely horrendously crazy how fast bacteria can grow and change in only a couple of days. This project isnt gonna be useful much in real life and in the future but its pretty cool. This project overall also want very difficult. I was pretty excited about this project and in the end completed it successfully without much struggle. This project definitely  connects to critical thinking as we had to listen and think about how we were going to approach the experiment.


  1. What aspect of my artifact am I most proud of? Use specific examples. I’m proud of my DNA strand. Specifically my DNA strand. 
  2. What aspect of creating this artifact was most difficult for me? Use specific examples. Creating the DNA strand was kinda time consuming and mentally painful since i had a few set back and had to imrpovise.
  3. How does this artifact connect to the Profile of a Graduate? Be specific in your connection. (Question Stems) This artifact connects t critical thinking and this is because the creation of the DNA strand required critical thinking about how it was going to be created and what i was going to use to create it. This also took creativity because you had to creative with what you were going to use and what they were going to represent.
  4. How do I plan to take this learning forward? or What would I change if I created this artifact again? If i created this artifact again i would probably change a few things and had a few more, such as with the phosphorus i could’ve done something better with it instead of it being some poorly glued brown paper and i could’ve done some better colorings.


Life Plan- Quarterly Reflection 2

For my life plan quarterly reflection 2, I have completed all classes and passed them all. As for assignments or projects there isn’t really any I would reflect on since none of them were personally life changing or eye opening. But I will still reflect upon things I have done. For my 1st block I had English. Overall English had quiet a lot of homework and was pretty tiring with one huge project that decided our grade. I completed it without much difficulty since we had almost two months to complete it. Next is biology. This class was kinda more difficult, not homework wise but understanding it while tired. Overall I completed the class just fine. Next is geometry class, which was also pretty tiring because I had to convince myself to study at home since some topics were kinda difficult for me to understand. Math overall was the same as biology for me in the end. Lastly I had Spanish 2 class, in this class we just learned Spanish and did some assignments and stuff with a few test. Overall the class was fine since i had a few people I knew. In the end with all these classes the biggest six C’s that was used was Critical Thinking. This is because school requires critical thinking, unless you don’t care about failing. The next would be Communication, considering how hard it would be to pass school without talking communication would definitely be 2nd most important skill to of been used. With this quarter completed I go on with the next.

Life Plan – Quarterly Reflection 1

So far what I have done this course is geometry, ag and pizza, spanish 2, weight training 2, and of now this semester I have english, geometry, spanish 2, and biology.  From last semester I completed my classes. How it connected was critical thinking since a majority of the work requires critical thinking and nothing else to pass. In these classes I learned triangles and shapes for geometry as well as proofs, animals and how we get food, spanish verbs and adjectives, and how to properly train your body as well as diet. Out of everything I probably enjoyed weight training the most because I was actually seeing small progress. This class connects with other classes since maintaining health is very important in be able to do things. This will help me later on with being to stay healthy if I stay on track, and this class helped in physical growth as well as mental growth. Throughout the class I just followed the teacher and it seemed to of have worked out pretty well without much difficulty. Training and getting used to it was pretty tiring and hard.  I have no questions but I would of probably progressed more if I hadn’t done weight training 1 as a freshman online during COVID.