Spark Plug Project

One thing I’m proud of are that there are no holes in any parts of my plane. One thing that was difficult for me was getting me welds to look good. While working on this project I got better at Mig welding, learned new techniques for holding parts together while I weld them, and how to make welds appear smooth. Welding is a great skill, and I will use it moving forward for at home projects. I will also use some of the skills I learned such as time management every day. I would put this project under the creativity category as it made me think outside the box. 

Computer Science

  1. kahoot

I am most proud of how efficiently I completed the assignment. It was hard switching between documents. It was also hard sharing deciding what work would be completed by each partner. If Im being honest this project has absolutely nothing to do with the profile of a graduate. It’s a kahoot not a autobiography. I will make kahoots in future.

Social Studies

  1. 1. Describe the process of creating this artifact
  2. Me and my group partner got together and even split up the parts. He was not happy so we swapped. I ended up doing the whole thing anyways.

2. What part of the process in creating this artifact did you feel the most success with? Use specific examples

I felt successful in my ability to argue my side, despite having an uneducated partner.


3. What aspect of creating this artifact was most difficult for me?

The most difficult part for me was looking at the case from the other perspective in order to develop answers to questions that may be asked.


4. How does this artifact connect to at least one of the 6cs in the Profile of a Graduate?

I feel it connects to career as being a lawyer is a job one can pursue.


5. As a citizen, are you satisfied with the process of the supreme court? Explain.

Yes. I like how undecided cases are brought up to a higher level of court. I like this as it doesn’t put anyone at disadvantage due to being stuck at a smaller court.

English 12

Reflection Questions


meEt YoUr auThOR

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Collaboration Through Math

The Hand In problems required me to use knowledge from previous classes while working with a partner. Through working with a partner we were able to bounce ideas and knowledge off each other until we were able to determine the solution. The Hand In problems are usually harder than the other problems we deal with in class. After figuring out a solution we have to type them on word and send them to Mr. Faulkner. These Hand In problems have made me use deeper thinking, and problem solving.