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B-Portfolio Website!

As a Byron student, you will develop a body of work that shows evidence in the growth and mastery of the skills and traits of our Profile of a Graduate.

By the end of your high school career, you will have a completed “B-Portfolio” (“B” for Byron). This digital collection of your work and thinking about your learning (reflections) will demonstrate a deep understanding of core knowledge, mastery of our C’s, and showcase your passions and talents.

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No matter where you go next (college, career, military) you will be able to say, “here’s what I’ve done, here’s what I can do, and here’s where I’d like to go next.” Your B-Portfolio can be used for entrance into a world beyond school including:

Job applications and interviews

Applications for college and scholarships

Self-marketing of your unique talents and skills

Connecting and networking with professionals and experts

The tabs above will assist you in the creation and development of your B-Portfolio!
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