Spanish family tree

When making my family tree project the part that I was the most proud of is my creativity. I tried to take each character from popular media. The hardest part of this project was thinking of characters. I had to think of characters. I don’t watch a lot of TV and the stuff that I do watch is a bit niche so it was hard sourcing the pictures. However google is a powerful tool and it didn’t take me too long. This would definitely fall under creativity, I didn’t need to do people form video games and movies and could have just done people from my family since I have pictures of them and know enough of them that I could have met the expectations, but I instead opted to use other media. When I get older I want to do some traveling and knowing more languages would make going to those places a lot more easy and accessible. If I were to do this assignment again, I’d do it earlier. I procrastinated to the point where I regret it. It also meant that if I put more time into it, it could have been better. In summary I’m happy with my final project but I think that it could be better.

Weight training

     During the one week I was in person I felt behind like if I had been in person for the entire quarter I could have done better when it came to how much weight I can life. Although I did exercise everyday I didn’t work on weights but instead took walks. I did however feel healthier and just overall happier after taking walks. It helped me wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. I plan on working out more by going swimming more often and riding my bike once the snow is gone. This would fall under Character because it shows the ability to commit to something for a period of time. I managed to lift Bench Press #95, Squat #115, Clean #135 , Push ups#20, Pull ups #5 for my final weights.

DNA Model

To create the image of the double helix, I used Autocad Inventor to build a 3D model. I then raytraced it by simulating a lighting source along with shadows. This was what I am most proud of on this project. This was also the first time I’d incorporated color into my models along with raytracing. The shape of DNA was difficult to model since the software required that I constrain all of the Phosphates to the base pairs individually. This took the brunt of the time. It took a while but I’m happy with the result.