English Paper on Gun Control

After writing my paper I am most proud of the statistics. Instead of writing vague terms like most, often, or some, I used actual statistics that were backed up by government institutions. I think that these numbers create a better understanding of the material. I also believe that numbers create a sense of credibility that words do not because words can be misleading while numbers can not. This commitment to credibility is what I am most proud of.

As I was writing my paper I encountered many problems. Most were caused by procrastination but when it came to the actual writing part my problem was that I would stray from the main point I was trying to make. In the end I went with a focus on gun safety research but that wasn’t until after the outline. This inability to find a main point was what led to the majority of my problems with writing as I didn’t have a clear point. My thesis statement underwent many changes because as I started to research I realized that different points would have more impact. This caused me to change my thesis statement many times.

This paper required creativity and critical thinking. When writing a persuasive paper you not only have to think about what sources would be useful but also creative ways to string your ideas and sources into a comprehensive paper. This combination of Creativity and Logic is what makes writing so hard. The difficulty is only amplified when you have to think about how to appeal to others in order to sway their opinion.

When writing my paper I spent a lot of time researching things that weren’t important to my main theme and that de-railed my train of thought. If I were to do this again I would prefer to research my topic extensively before I came up with my thesis statement that way I could be better educated on what was important and what to cover. I think that if I did this I would have had much easier time with staying on topic. Another reason why it took so long is that the sources I picked didn’t have many facts and were full of opinions. I would also have liked to go more into the NRA and their campaigning along with how much they spend on endorsing politicians.

Accounting Career Exploration

When looking back at the presentation the part that I am most proud of was how I condensed the information into short easy to understand bites. I’m not proud of how long it took me to get it done. I kept procrastinating until the last minute and ended up with a lot of work in the end. I am proud of how I did it in an efficient manner though.

The project itself wasn’t the hard part for me, but reflecting on it in this paper is. I often don’t put enough effort into large projects like these and this leads to me not being proud of anything that I did. I didn’t feel relieved that I finished the project just dread that I need to do this reflection. Other than that it was finding motivation and time to do it.

This project connects with the Character C the most because it is directly researching a potential career path and deciding if it’s meant for me. It required me to think about what I wanted to do after school and if accounting was for me. An example of this would be me having to look for potential schools that I could go to in order to get a degree. A case could also be made for critical thinking because it required me to think about what would make a good accountant.

At the end of the day what did I learn? I learnt that maybe Accounting isn’t the career for me. I do not share the same interests that are needed in this career. If I were to do this project again I’d spend more time out of class working on the project. I’d also put more effort into the slides which I did very quickly without much thought.