Cell city project


This is the 3D model of the cell city


When creating my Cell City Project I first brainstormed analogies between a cell’s organelles and buildings in a city. I then used a 3d modeling program to create models of the assorted buildings. After that I placed them all into a singular file. I then arranged them into the form of a city. The next step was to create a video, I did that by recording my screen with a software called OBS. I then uploaded it to YouTube.

This project required me to be creative when designing the models and assets. It also required creativity when I was creating colorations between a city and a cell. Yet it also required critical thinking because I had to know how to model, the geometry used when making the model and had to know the function of all of the organelle in the first place. Over all this was an interesting and challenging project that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The aspect of my project that I’m most proud of is the models themselves. They each took a while to model and I’m proud of how they turned out. One of the challenges that I faced while completing the project was coming up with the metaphors. The hardest one for me was the cell wall, until I realized I could just put a wall around my city. This project helped me understand how to use Autodesk Inventor better and more efficiently.