Epic American Project

When creating the Epic American speech, I began by googling Richard Oakes and reading numerous articles about him. I then wrote a bunch of facts on a piece of paper. After that I went through and choose which ones were more influential and important. These were events like how he occupied Alcatraz with the intent of turning it into a Native American culture center. He also protested the alaskan oil line. After compiling these events I worked out an outline for what and when I was going to say stuff. After that I had to make a poster with important points. I went with some of the same ideas and some different ones that I excluded from the original outline to save time. These were things like his legacy. This Artifact connects to creativity because I had to come up with an engaging speech. Overall writing the speech has given me better insight to how Native American activists worked to get to where we are today. I also feel like it was an interesting story that I liked learning about. 

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