Accelerated Algebra 2


I am interested in the career field of Computer engineering. Math plays a large role in this field because of how good computers are at math. Because of this running calculations on computers is much easier. Also in order to program physics engines math is required to predict where objects will end up and how they will end up there. This is why math is important to the career field of Computer engineering. This can be characterized under Critical thinking, because when programming something you have to know what formulas to use and when.


When looking back at the artifact I have just created, I am most proud of the research I did. When looking into how math was important to the field I chose I looked at several sources including how it is used to make programs more efficient.  The aspect that was most challenging for me was choosing which career field I would look at. I eventually chose Computer engineering because I have previous experience from robotics. This connects with critical thinking because of how I had to think about why math was important and write it down in a comprehensive paragraph. If I were to do the artifact again I would not have procrastinated for as long as I did and also would have done more research into the field.


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