Pog reflection

To improve this project and our settlements I would have found more things to do because there aren’t a lot of things to do in this project other than the roads the flag the constitution and that’s it that’s not enough for this much time. This is a waste of time that we could be using on things that teach you and you don’t sit around watching everyone doing small parts. I think if we had smaller groups this would be better. I can’t include myself because we have too many people and not enough work. Also I would have made things better in the constitution because there were some things in the constitution that we didn’t need and also there were things that the constitution needed. I feel that we should have had more things that we had to do like the economy. It would be cool if we had a project where we make an economy within the people of the settlement. I feel like we were missing something with the economy because we should be like in real life we’re they make unions and economy with currency and products.

Sample Post – Creative Repurposing

In my 8th grade FACS class, I had the opportunity to help make the world a better place by upcycling items that might have ended up in our landfills.   Instead, I was able to upcycle pallet boards into a beautiful new table.  My team and I spent a lot of time determining what color we would have the table.  My dad, helped us put it together.  We had some challenges with the staining and had to redo a section because it go too tacky. We needed a smooth finish.  We also wanted to stage the table so that it would look nice and we would market it to potential buyers.

Below is a video of our journey.  Throughout this process, we hit a number of the POG C’s.  We had to collaborate together to build, stain, and stage a table that was going to be sold to potential buyers.  We used communication skills to share and listen to each other’s ideas and determine our final product. We also had to use communication skills to showcase our piece to an audience.  We enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and have a choice in what we would produce and our ideas would be seen and potentially bought by people in the real world.  We had challenges along the way and had to think critically on how to resolve those challenges.  And finally, I believe the artifact below showcases an element of citizenship – as we are trying to repurpose items and keep them out of our landfill.