element project

Science 9th Grade Element Project

Landon Bolton




Project Description: My project was a explanation of the element P.

C of Focus: my c was critical thinking because the project made me think and research about the element p. this will help me be prepared for the future because I must be able to think critically to research about things in life


Reflective Questions

  1. What aspect of my artifact am I most proud of? Use specific examples.

    1. I am most proud of my board.

  2. What aspect of creating this artifact was most difficult for me? Use specific examples.

    1. Most difficult was finding good information

  3. How does this artifact connect to the Profile of a Graduate? Be specific in your connection. (Question Stems)

    1. This artifact connects to my profile of a graduate because I used my critical thinking to create this project.

  4. How do I plan to take this learning forward? or What would I change if I created this artifact again?http://bit.ly/POG-Reflect

    1. If I did this project again I would have taken more time making the video instead of putting all of it into the board.

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