Pog reflection

To improve this project and our settlements I would have found more things to do because there aren’t a lot of things to do in this project other than the roads the flag the constitution and that’s it that’s not enough for this much time. This is a waste of time that we could be using on things that teach you and you don’t sit around watching everyone doing small parts. I think if we had smaller groups this would be better. I can’t include myself because we have too many people and not enough work. Also I would have made things better in the constitution because there were some things in the constitution that we didn’t need and also there were things that the constitution needed. I feel that we should have had more things that we had to do like the economy. It would be cool if we had a project where we make an economy within the people of the settlement. I feel like we were missing something with the economy because we should be like in real life we’re they make unions and economy with currency and products.

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