Ultimate frisbee BEARS behavior

Ultimate Frisbee BEARS Behavior

Quarter 1 PE Final Project

Landon Bolton

Block A 2


I chose ultimate frisbee for BEARS Behavior because i feel that everyone on my team, including me, was behaving and respectful. Another thing with that is we were actively learning what strategies worked and didn’t work so great.



   I am most proud of my active learning in ultimate frisbee. we worked on perfecting our strategies throughout all of the games witch in the end helped our team with coordination. Because we had people always ready to catch and Garde our opponents.

   The most difficult part was not getting mad at other teams when we lost. Like when we worked so hard and tried so hard but we still lost because the other team was so good. If I could go back and change anything I would be more respectful and understand that it’s just a game.

   This connected to my profile of a graduate by making me think critically. Ultimate frisbee did this by making me and my team think on the spot of what would benefit me and my team. Like should I throw the frisbee to the tall guy being guarded or the guy in the far corner that is wide open. A connection that I made is getting mad isn’t worth it because in the end I can’t change what has already happened.

    I plan to take this forward into almost anything that can have a frustrating outcome including basketball trap shooting and family stuff to.this relates with what I do in class because in class I need to be respectful, responsible, and behaved or else I might get a bad grade or an unhappy teacher.

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