Ultimate frisbee active participation

Ultimate Frisbee Active Participation

Quarter 1 PE Final Project

Landon Bolton

Block A 2


I chose ultimate frisbee for active participation because I was actively participating in the whole time. I  actively participated by throwing and receiving the frisbee throughout the course of the activity.



    I was proud of my team during ultimate frisbee because of the use of communication and strategy. Like this one time when one of my teammates throw the frisbee from across the gym and yelled the name of the person that they were throwing it to and then they snapped into action and grabbed it mid air and got us a point.

     The most difficult thing about ultimate frisbee for me was communicating with everyone because there were lots of people on each team and there was no way to remember who is on the other team. Like this one time where Payton and cole were on opposite teams and they were confusing both teams. In Ultimate Frisbee I showed communication by communicating with my team and making strategies with them. Like this one time we’re we just chucked the frisbee across constantly and it somehow worked.

     This contributes to profile of a graduate in the communication area because I frequently communicated and strategize with my teammates. I used strategizing,  calling out what’s happening so my teammates don’t throw the frisbee at the other team. That was an important part of scoring in the game.

    I would like to take this forward into out-of-school activities like trapshooting and basketball. Something that I would change about my participation is I would get better at changing sides of the gym because a lot of the time it was on one side of the gym. In class I use participation by doing class work with my peers and listening to the teachers

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