Quarter 4 – Addisen Rice – Sophomore Year

This quarter has been the best one by far. I feel happy and secure in all of the relationships I have with people and that is what I am proud of myself for. I am getting happier by the day and I have found many different things to look forward to, like prom with my friend Lilly. I am writing this paragraph a little bit before the school year ends so prom has not happened yet but it will this weekend and I am so excited. Another thing I am proud of myself for completing would be these life plan paragraphs. I have put off doing all of these for the whole year so I had typed out all of them in one day which I am proud of myself for. I found it hard to find motivation the last couple of months so it feels good that I am able to help myself and just get things done. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of myself than I am right now because of everything I have achieved this year. I can’t wait to see what this summer and the next school year have to offer me. I relate creativity back to this quarter as well because I feel as though everything I did was like me reaching out of the box in order to better improve myself. I also would attach character because I had a lot of character development. Below I have attached a picture from the future that I captured at prom! 

Quarter 3 – Addisen Rice – Sophomore Year

This quarter I focused on improving my well-being and learning to love myself. I went to school in the morning for my first two classes but then I would leave after lunch to attend a therapy program I was in. This was the time when I really learned who I was and how to handle my emotions. I had a speech class this quarter where I would go in early in the morning and give my speech to Mrs. Green and my friend Brooke. Once I was able to attend the actual class, I found speaking to the entire class to be a little more difficult. I felt judged even though I knew no one was judging me and I felt as if I was stuttering over my words when I was indeed not. I am proud of myself for working through that. That was a time when I was able to use my “coping” skills if you will, in a real-life situation. If I had to choose one of the 6 C’s to represent this quarter, I would choose collaboration because there was no way I could have made it through this quarter without really good communication with my teachers and peers. Below I have attached my oral interp speech where I spoke about recovering from mental health. 


Quarter 2 – Addisen Rice – Sophomore Year

This quarter was rough, to say the least. I fought a lot with my mental health and I would like to say I won but I also know that is not the case. It has been a constant battle that I have fought for years but something about this time was just harder. I was lucky to have the classes I did because they were fairly easy and they worked with me very well. Another challenge I faced this quarter was going through my second round of covid. It did not hit me as hard as it did the first time but it still sucked being isolated from everyone and everything. This took a toll on my mental health as well. I spent some time hospitalized for my mental health and I am proud of myself for getting through that on the other side. The C I chose for this quarter is character because I had a lot of character growth. I learned a lot about myself and how to help myself, as well as being able to handle a bunch of different things at once. Below I have attached a picture of me and my friend Emma from Halloween night, which was memorable in the best ways possible. 🙂

Quarter 1 – Addisen Rice – Sophomore Year

This first quarter was the first real experience I believe I have had in high school. Last year, although I was in high school, it was a covid year so there were many different things that were different from this year. For starters, cross country was different. We got to go on a big team trip up to Madeline Island in Wisconsin. As a team, we had our highs and lows and lots of memories along the way. Last year, we did not go on this trip because of covid. It was a lot of fun being able to attend this trip this year. Another thing that was different, are the masks! We don’t have to wear them anymore! Last year we had to wear masks all day every day all of the time. This year we have not needed to wear them and it is so nice being able to see everyone’s smiles once more. I would connect this quarter to creativity if I had to choose one of the 6 C’s. I would choose creativity because I think that there were many times when I had to be creative. I would go with the flow and just make things work. For example, at the football games when we would have to dress up, I had the most creative and fun outfits I could think of. I think I made a lot of people smile and I enjoy making people smile. Below I have attached a picture from our cross-country trip.


Artist Statement 1

What was your intention in the making of the work in terms of what you wanted to communicate to the viewer or to yourself?

  • I wanted to show that I wanted to be a pediatric nurse after high school. I also wanted to show the different versions of pediatric nursing, like dealing with broken bones or helping sick children. I wanted to include it all. The way I think I showed the pediatric part of it the best, was with the pink teddy bear. 

What is being seen in the work’s content? Be as detailed and specific as you can in describing what you have included in the image.

  •  I included many different things in my work. I showed a thermometer, a teddy bear, an x-ray, an IV stand, an IV line, and many other different details. My favorite part of the drawing was the bandaids in the background because I think it brought the whole piece of artwork together. I also really liked the stethoscope which was the border around the drawing.

Explain your incorporation of the art elements and principles as they relate to the design concept of the work.

  •  I used many different colored pencil techniques in my drawing. I used the technique that involved the use of rubbing alcohol on my background to try and smooth it out. I also used different shading to make my IV stand look round. 

What personal decision-making did you engage in when making choices about what to include in the art form/subject matter? This might also reflect decisions having to deal with physical conditions that needed to be considered due to the nature of the work.

  • I had to choose what color I wanted everything to be since I couldn’t make everything blue even though most medical equipment is blue. For example, I made the thermometer green. I also had to make the decision on whether or not to include different items like the thermometer or the teddy bear. I think that including them really added to my picture. 

What process/technique/procedure did you use in the creation of your work? Discuss steps, materials, and tools that you employed.

  •  I started by sketching everything out in pencil and then I used colored pencils to add color. I used many different colored pencil techniques, I included some above. During the sketching process, I used different stencils and rulers to help me form my lines. 

What did you become aware of while creating the object or after its completion, including connections to other experiences, art history, and the source(s) of your exploration as a part of the discovery process?

  • I think I connected my artwork to my previous knowledge of pediatric nurses. When I think of nurses, I think of the red cross and lollypops and basic things like that. I definitely used to stereotypical items a nurse uses in my drawing so I could help other people with their previous knowledge, figure it out.

Quarter 4 Final Paper- Child Development 2

Teacher Reflection Final

One thing I have noticed about my life is how much I love children and working with children. I’ve always been interested in working with children in one way or another when I’m older whether it be a pediatrician or a teacher. I never took into account how much work teachers put into teaching their students. Over this past quarter, I only had to do 20 lesson plans and that took a lot of time and creativity to finish. I can’t imagine what it would be like to do that for multiple lessons every day year after year. I think that this has changed my viewpoint on if I want to become a teacher or not. 

I really love the concept of teaching a lot. I love the way all of the children are learning at the same time and I love to see the joy on their faces. Something that has been holding me back from looking more into that profession is the wages that teachers make. When we started to go over and help the students at the primary school, I never wanted to leave. I didn’t care if I was getting paid or not, I didn’t care about what time it was, I didn’t care about anything besides what was happening at the moment. I loved being there and doing what I could even though everything was super limited. 

I was only allowed to be around each student for roughly 10 minutes at a time so it was difficult to get to know everyone. Out of all of the students I met, I had noticed the different levels of development in the students. Student A would have great social development and not-so-great intellectual skills compared to student B, who was the complete opposite. It was really cool to see those different levels of development in my opinion because it was interesting to see where some kids are more developed than others. 

The students who were more social probably had parents who got them involved in social environments when they were younger. When I am a parent I would like to do that as well because being a teenager now, it’s a lot easier to live life and have friends since I am social. It’s really interesting to see antisocial behavior as well because you can see the different ways it affects people’s lives. It’s so cool to see how people react in a public setting. When I have children I can’t wait to see them grow and make their own friendships. 

The only thing I don’t want to do when I have children is that I don’t want to traumatize them. I think that it plays a big role in children’s lives if their parents get into a divorce or something else traumatizing happens. That also may lead to the children not doing well in school or in their own friendships and relationships. The first few years of a child’s life are the most important so it’s important to start them off in a good place. 

I also find it so interesting how all of the children compare themselves to other students even though they are at such a young age. For example, I had a student confide in me about how she felt “dumber” than another student because she couldn’t catch onto the game as fast. I know when I have children I never want them to feel that way but no parent does. It was just kind of sad to see that from such young children. It really shows the social standards in today’s society. Even as a teenager, there is still a lot of comparisons and it’s just really difficult to want to be yourself when you’re being compared to others not only by yourself but other people as well. I think it’s important to have my future children learn to just love themselves and to not compare themselves to others. 

With all of this being said, I just really like the concept of children in general. I love watching them grow and learn and everything that I have already mentioned. I don’t know where my life is going in the future quite yet but I know I will be doing something with children. I can’t wait to see what my life holds for me in the future.

Spanish 1A B-Portfolio

The aspect of Spanish that I am most proud of was learning as much Spanish as I did. I didn’t think that I would learn as much as I did. The most difficult aspect of Spanish for me was memorizing everything because I am not the best at memorizing stuff, and there was a lot to memorize. My character slides connect to the character part of the 6 C’s because I got to express my character through other characters. The sides also relate to creativity because I go to be creative with the words I used. I plan on using the Spanish I learned in my life by communicating with different people and potentially using it if I ever go to Mexico or Spain.

Physical Science 9B

Link to the artifact- https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14QYFq8_Oti6najYrkZ1mPMnGPYW6i3LP6eirU4rxdZ4/edit 


Project Description: In the project I linked above, we were told to make a Rube Goldberg Machine that could water a plant, had multiple simple machines in it, and showed all of the different things we had learned throughout the class. For example, how to calculate power, work, force, velocity, and much more. 

C of Focus: This project took a lot of collaboration, communication, and creativity. 

I am most proud that we were able to not completely fail if I’m being completely honest. When everything first started, I was really stumped about how we could water a plant without using our hands and instead using a lead-up of events. The most challenging part of this whole ordeal was being patient with my group while they were doing things. Everyone in our group wanted different things so it was hard to all agree on one thing. Near the end of the project when we were filling out the slides, it was also hard because my group all tossed the work onto me and another one of my classmates. The group I had for this project was constantly collaborating and communicating with each other by sharing our ideas and dislikes about what we had going on. Throughout the collaboration and communication, it also took a lot of creativity to bring the ideas to life. I plan on taking everything I learned going forward by using it as an example for communication with people and being assertive. There were times when I would have to shut someone down after they said or weren’t doing something so I think that I would definitely use this as a good example for that. That is what I could see myself taking forward after this class is completely over. There is a lot of power behind this artifact. There were many parts of lessons we had learned in the past, just all thrown into one big project. I definitely recommend this project for future students and classes. 


Child Development 1 B-Portfolio

Artifact: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1H3mzCQJC4lj7Hbj05qJ6GDdBqRS7iNGBVdkPydXur2s/edit?usp=sharing 


I am most proud that I finished the presentation and finished the project. I was extremely stressed about the presentation, but when I was finished, I was proud of myself for doing it. I was irresponsible with my time until the last two weeks when I tried to crunch everything in. It was also difficult to try and find people to interview because most of the people didn’t answer me back. I think that this project connects to creativity and communication due to the fact that I had to communicate with multiple people and I had to be creative with the way I laid out the slides and trifold I used. I plan to use the things I learned to try and understand different people from their points of view. If I could do this project again, I would use my time more wisely.

English 9A B-Portfolio

Artifact: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ECDfyiyaMfyPQY-x24Prhxta70BaU87hXvtJ6sQKnSM/edit

The part of the Lord of the Flies paper that I am most proud of is getting the paper done in the time I was given. I did not think I would get it done in time since it was a longer paper than I was used to and we had less time to finish it. In the end, I did get the paper done and I think that I did a good job. I am also proud of the fact that I learned how to write a high school paper since I haven’t done that before. 

The part of the Lord of the Flies paper that was the most challenging for me was finding the quotes. I did not obviously memorize the novel so it was hard to find all of the quotes that I needed. Although it was difficult finding the quotes I needed, I did find some good quotes that I think fit in my paper. It was also difficult writing the analysis about the quotes because I didn’t really know how to talk about a couple of words a certain character said for a whole paragraph. 

My Lord of the Flies paper relates to creativity and critical thinking. It relates to creativity because I had to be creative when coming up with what to say in my paper. I also think my paper relates to critical thinking because I had to critically think about what quotes to use throughout my paper. I did end up making things work though.

I plan on taking the things I learned in this class forward by using the skills I learned in writing a paper to write future papers. If I could change anything about my paper it would probably be all of the “fluff” in the paper because I didn’t know what to say. I think I did a good job in the end by getting rid of a majority of it but there was still some fluff throughout. Overall, I think I did a good job on my first high school essay.