sophomore year

I don’t really know how to start, because I had a lot of ideas to write about. The one main idea I thoght would be fun is when I went to Vallyfair with my friends. It was really busy and hot outside . We went with our older friends and stayed all day long . Our goal was to go on almost every ride , and even though we werent able to it was still a lot of fun to do . It was a great bonding experience, and I hope to go again. I would totally try again to ride every single ride there, multiple times. My favorite ride was probably the Steel Venom  because it was super fun.

Child delevopment Baby project

1.What aspect of my artifact am I most proud of? Use specific examples.

  • Im most proud of the fact that even though i was super tired and didn’t want to be a “mom” anymore i still pushed though and made it work
  1. What aspect of creating this artifact was most difficult for me? Use specific examples.
  • They are not sleeping , that baby kept me up all night and once I’m up I am up . i can’t go back to bed after i am awake and it sucks.
  1. How does this artifact connect to the Profile of a Graduate? Be specific in your connection. (Question Stems)
  • I think it connected to creativity and critical thinking, because the creativity I had to think of ways to do everyday things with a baby, that goes with critical thinking too.
  1. How do I plan to take this learning forward? or What would I change if I created this artifact again?
  • When i plan on having kids i will be somewhat prepared for it, even though it will be hard i will have an idea of what to do

Spanish 1


  • The part I’m most proud of with my character slides is the detail I put into the disruption of my friends. Like how on Hannah’s slide i called her intelligent and organised , all of the words i put for my friends fit them perfectly . I found this project really interesting and fun to do . 
  • A Lot of this class was hard, but that’s the fun of it. I liked learning about things I never knew before. And the teacher is very good at keeping the class interesting and fun . So i was okay with it being hard because that’s the only way i’ll learn.
  • This unit connected to the 3 C’s by letting me extend my communication  skills  with others , and now I know the basics of a new language.
  • Knowing the basics of a new language will help me get into a good college later in my life . With these skills i can help people who don’t speak english, my dream job of being a nurse, spanish will help me help people.

Sample Post – Creative Repurposing

In my 8th grade FACS class, I had the opportunity to help make the world a better place by upcycling items that might have ended up in our landfills.   Instead, I was able to upcycle pallet boards into a beautiful new table.  My team and I spent a lot of time determining what color we would have the table.  My dad, helped us put it together.  We had some challenges with the staining and had to redo a section because it go too tacky. We needed a smooth finish.  We also wanted to stage the table so that it would look nice and we would market it to potential buyers.

Below is a video of our journey.  Throughout this process, we hit a number of the POG C’s.  We had to collaborate together to build, stain, and stage a table that was going to be sold to potential buyers.  We used communication skills to share and listen to each other’s ideas and determine our final product. We also had to use communication skills to showcase our piece to an audience.  We enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and have a choice in what we would produce and our ideas would be seen and potentially bought by people in the real world.  We had challenges along the way and had to think critically on how to resolve those challenges.  And finally, I believe the artifact below showcases an element of citizenship – as we are trying to repurpose items and keep them out of our landfill.