#56million_never_forget God bless our admin district

1: The process of creating this artifact was not complicated. We both shared a part of the work, and had worked hard. It was enjoyable to work with someone else, but we did frequently get distracted, but I think that we pulled through. Overall it was not a source of major stress.

2: I felt successful with the argument section (the part that i worked on). I felt successful because I spent the most time thinking about it. I felt that the majority of my efforts we not spent in vain. I felt that Lenny had put in a much smaller amount, but that could very well be wrong. I don’t know how well, or hard that he works really.

3: This part right here, I don’t know exactly how this should be done. The biggest brained administration seems to not know what is happening either. I have trouble finding the words to express a simple answers in five sentences. This is neither something I want to, nor like doing, despite this I understand the necessity to do it anyway.

4: I think that Communication affects this artifact quite importantly. We spent the entire time working with one another, and that involves a lot of communication. Thankfully me and my group worked well together, I enjoyed my time working on the actual project, and not this part. Me and my group communicated both in and outside of school.

5: Yes i am satisfied. I am satisfied with the idea that both sides have to research heavily, and that a decision will be made quickly, but could be overturned at a later date. I think that it is important as a nation that we have our answers quickly and definite.

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